The quest for whiter underarms…

Its no fun when you suffer from dark underarms during teenage years. Its that time when you develop pubic hair and tends to sweat more thanks to our raging hormones. I got girlfriends who remained flawless all throughout puberty and I mean really flawless! No acne breakouts and no hairgrowth “in there”. Like … can anyone get any luckier? While most suffer with pimples and sweaty and hairy pits, there are girls who just seems to walk through teenage life like a beautiful swan. Literally! They got all the good things going for them.. clearer skin, poreless even! They can flaunt their arms on a hot summer day without worry that their underarms would show. And to top that, they seem to be “blossoming” in all the right areas too. They’ve become shapely and yes more feminine… My summer were never like these! Huhu ..even when I want to wear sleeveless tops, I just cant! I cant bring myself to wear a bathing suit even! There’s always got to be a tshirt as a cover up. 

I got hairy in my pits too! I resorted to plucking at first and when that got tiresome I tried shaving. And little by little I found my skin getting irritations after every shave. But I was too hairy or what they call “balbon” that it takes me forever to finish plucking one underarm. That I always end up shaving. Mistake no. 1. My underarms gor darker every day. (Ok im not checking every day ok. But what else could have happened? Its like my once smooth hairless baby pits just got chickenskinned and darker overnight!)  

Being sweaty, no tawas or lemon potion can help me with my body odor. So I found myself trying all different kinds of roll-on deo from the groceries. Rexona,  Secret and Dove… alternately. Mistake no. 2. 

Now, as an adult the quest still continues. And by sheer luck I was sold on by my cousin to try Goree Beauty Cream. It promised of whiter skin in 7 days. Its affordable and there are good testimonies on facebook left and right. It was just too good to be true to pass up. I have tried many different brands and to be honest I am beginning to lose hope. Maybe I am not meant to bare my pits I keep telling myself. I have tried RMK whitening deo, Sgt. at Arms and the lemon tawas combo .. but there was minimal results. I got envious of the girls that have sworn on how effective these products are. But what about me?  The battlecry continues as I have yet to discover or uncover that one product to match my skin and finally end my “darker” days! 

Thanks to Goree! My journey has finally ended. 

My journey took one month. And two tubs of Goree Beauty Cream. 

The first week was not as noticeable. I am beginning to think this product will just fail me. Its not the product… its ME! 

2nd week. As I begin to take pit-selfie, I did notice a tiny difference as to the discoloration. I try to take a picture at almost the same time of the day. Mostly just before getting ready for bed. I compared the first picture taken on day 1 compared it to day 7. The result was encouraging. No product has come this close to whitening my underarms! Well yeah its not really whitening per se but the result was impressive. 

My suggestion is document your journey as well. The pictures of “before and after” will amaze you. Use this as your gauge to know if Goree is working for you. 

3rd week. I noticed that my chickenskin is less visible. I tend to have large pores and they add to the discoloration of the skin on my underarms.  As I see good results, I tend to apply more products hoping it would hasten the effect. NO no. I noticed my skin got red on areas where the product settled overnight. So I dont recommend lashing more product than whats needed to cover the area. I also noticed round this time my skin got sensitive. It got a slight burning sensation during shower when I scrub my underarms. So another No no. Treat your underarms with added care at this point. No scrubbing. And choose a mild soap for your underarms. You may buy Goree Whitening Soap  together with the cream. The soap is not harsh to the skin. Its good as bath soap and facial soap as well.  I noticed that my kojic and papaya soaps were too harsh on my ua while I was using the Goree Beauty Cream. 

There was no peeling. I tried feeling for deadskin after every shower but I could not find them. The ua area is smooth as a baby’s. So maybe micropeeling? I am not sure. 

4th week. This is when you noticed the dark lines have totally disappeared! They are not that prominent as before. And there seems to be less of the dark shadow when the arms are raised. I am about to finish my 2nd tub. I use it morning and night. Religiously. I use it as my deodorant. I have stopped using any other product on my ua ever since I used Goree. I wanted to test just how this product will work wonders on me alone. 

By end of the 4th week, you will notice that white lines start to appear. And there are hardly any more large pores. The skin is baby smooth. There was no bad odor even when you sweat as the occassion demands it. Hello summer in Dubai?  It cannot be avoided. I swear. 

I avoided tight clothes while I was treating my ua. I was also brave enough to wear cotton sleeveless when out and about just to air my ua and let it breath.  I noticed that the area is not as sensitive as before but I avoided friction by not wearing tight clothes and longsleeves. 

I am still using both Goree cream and soap and though I am satisfied with the results. I want to keep my underarms as flawless as I can. 

I am happy to share my experience with all beautiful ladies that have been let down by their dark underarms. Suffering from shame and low self esteem. Always wishing to be able to wear that trendy sleeveless top but cannot. Limiting your wardrobe selection because there are clothes that shows too much. 

If you have tried all that is out there but still could not be happier with the result, try Goree. It might just be what you need. 

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