Diary of an OFW going home for vacation

I am excited to go home and be finally reunited with family but more so I am excited to be finally relaxing and not having to think about my commute from house to work and what to do and what not to do on a daily basis of survival here in Dubai.  Its not all glory and highs and ups being an ofw… but then again this is not a rant about ofw life abroad. I will save that for another day.. haha. This is more like a vent-out of trying to be not misunderstood for being a cheapskate although that is what I am. And close families know this of me.  I am not the type to be bringing home all fancy pasalubongs just to please people.  I am even thrifty on holidays when it comes to gift-giving and that is just me.


Of chocolates, lotions and soaps for pasalubong.

These seem to be the most requested items from relatives for pasalubong. The top contender would be Nivea lotion, Cadbury, Snickers, Toblerone, Dove soaps. Understandable coz these items are way too expensive to buy locally in Manila.

My dear family and loved ones, please dont think that you are not as important if you do not get a single bar of dove soap from me…. its not you its just me.. really!

Lend me your ears my dearest…

Unlike other ofw’s that save up for balikbayan boxes and pasalubongs I deem it not wise and smart to be doing so in my end. For one, my salary is not that big to accommodate everyone’s wish for a simple pasalubong…coz if I am to give to one relative or friend, I am going to end up giving to the whole gang. Just to avoid someone’s ill feeling towards me for being “forgotten” be it intentional or not.

It may be said to love yourself first… I guess that is what I am.


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