the search…

I have booked my ticket but I have no place to stay when I get to Manila. That is why I resorted to finding rentals online and started connecting with classmates to ask around hoping for a good deal.  On the average, condominium rentals are between PhP15,000 to PhP18,000 for a studio. Some would add association dues, cable, internet. electricity and water bills.  They would also require a 5k to 10k security deposit, of which will be refunded after they have inspected the unit for any damage and the bills settled.

Facebook pages have numbers of posts from owners to agents but it is always a good bargain talking to owners of course.  Agents however, can cater to my budget and made my search a bit easy.  I also came across Rent to own posts, of which I almost decided to get an RFO (ready for occupancy) units from seeing all those gorgeous, instagrammy pictures of these condominiums around the metropolis.

Facebook has made the search easy.  I can just type in which area I am looking at.  In my case, Cainta and Pasig.  I love these areas and of course this has been home to me.

So far so good.. I am still empty-handed though.  I am able to find a good deal somehow..but I have not stopped looking around.

For now, the best offer I got was for a 2 bedroom unit, fully furnished and just a stone away from a well-known supermarket and a short walk from an SM mall.  It is also just along the road, so commute will be easy.  Amenities included a gym, swimming pool and a 24-hour security post at the gate. I got this for good discounted price from PhP25,000 originally.  That did not come easy, I haggled and bargained before the owner finally said YES. Well, the fact the the owner’s sister is my highschool mate added an extra point for the win. 


Photo credit to the owner.


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